Why do I Feel Stuck in this Relationship?

A woman named Sally called me today wanting to know about life coaching. She said she was considering a divorce. She saw my website and decided to inquire and get information about life coaching before making her decision.

She asked me a couple of questions about my services. As Sally and I got to know one another; Sally said,”I just feel so stuck, it seems like the romance is gone out of my marriage relationship. Everyday life seems so mundane , there is no passion or excitement anymore. I love my husband, we are married for 27 years this month”.

I asked Sally if she would be willing to dig a little deeper with a scheduled coaching session. Sally agreed. In my first session with Sally she filled out the questionnaire to give me more information. A few of theĀ  questions addressed some personal information about Sally. It was in those questions that Sally and I discovered why she felt stuck. Sometime people need a compass to know how they can get back on track. I suggested that Sally create a visual of what she wanted her marriage to look like.

Sally created a vision board with pictures of her and her husband in the middle. She placed photo’s of couples holding hands , holding each other,praying together, laughing and eating a meal together. I suggested to Sally to look at this vision board everyday of her and her husband and feel the feelings of intimacy.

Intimacy happens outside the bedroom first , with little flirtations like a short surprising love note on the bathroom mirror. Couples who allow their creative child to come out and play ,can discover a wholesome way to keep the fire burning in the relationship. It really doesn’t take allot of money or time.

Here is a link with some helpful hints and practical ideas/http://www.tellinitlikeitis.net/2008/02/keeping-the-fire-alive-in-your-marriage.html




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