What Does Love Have to Do with It?

Sunday June 24, 2018

There is so much mystery on life’s journey for each individual. We come into this world filled with so much uncertainty and adventure. In fact, life is a series of those uncertainties, adventures which unfold from the first day of our birth. Each person experiences a series of death to the old way of looking at life , and  the resurrection of perception. Some learn, some stay stuck in their old ways of thinking.These experiences consists of situations in which C.S Lewis calls “God’s megaphone, to rouse a deaf world” (C.S Lewis, The Problem of Pain). How else would the ego be integrated into the true self? Not one of us escapes life’s disappointments, tragedies, addictions, or being wounded. I certainly have had my share of the above mentioned experiences. One of my own life experiences came through a person who came with a profession that plummeted me into my transformation. Little did I know what was ahead for me. The relationship started  with a wonderful friendship, and evolved into a romantic relationship. It was a deep soul connection with experiences that would make a great Hollywood movie 🙂 When I look back on this relationship I can honestly say it was for my highest good. It not only affected me but those around me. I grew from that relationship into an authentic me, with all  of it’s learning. Various people come into our lives for different reasons; for a reason and a season.

We all seek for a real love, a soulmate, a person we can grow with. Sometimes this can happen in our lifetimes more than once. When a person falls “in love”; what their soul is really seeking, is transformation. To  grow beyond their current personal knowledge of themselves. Weather that person is aware of this on a conscious level is another subject. Usually the motive that compels us into a romantic relationship is our soul’s need to grow. I have coached women in broken relationships that admit that their partner’s always ‘mirrored’ their own personal learning. Do you long for deeper knowledge of yourself or your life partner? Does your relationship with your partner bring out the best in you?

2 thoughts on “What Does Love Have to Do with It?”

  1. Hi Kim, My experience, in constant bewilderment , feeling hopeless , there was no direction. I now have new roots firmly planted. There is a light to my path. I’m learning to love myself. That forgiveness for others is a vital part of healing and becoming your true self. Most of all I’m important and I matter, The turning point for me was I lived in fear, not knowing how powerful I am. I had a realization that my emotional self was not in balance. I guess that was the starting point of a new Journey.
    Beth Eby , Alpharetta Ga.

    1. Hi Beth, you are right about forgiveness of others to become your true self. I would take that a step further and say we have to forgive ourselves also for any past mistakes. When we forgive ourselves and realize we are having a human experience; we can readily forgive others. I do believe in the bible passage,”love thy neighbor as thyself”. Keep forging ahead Beth. You are on a wonderful path!

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