What Does Enlightenment Look Like To You?

Enlightenment and self awareness is a life-long process. When I look back on my personal journey; I stand in awe. For the first half of my life I viewed life through a skewed lens. I went through some real “ego puncturing” experiences. The world view I had was seeing the glass as half empty, not half full.  I lived my life trying to get the outside within. In other words I thought everything that made me happy came from outside of me. Through trial and error I found out this was not the case.

I think we all have had people in our lives that come along to help us “wake up”. This was my experience. I needed a wake-up call because I was living through my false self and not my true self. We can only live out of what we know until someone or something shifts that old belief system. Sometimes it takes a divorce, a death, or  the loss of what was the “familiar”. Until there is a death or a dying of the old ego (false self), there can be no transformation.

Why do some people stay stuck in their old patterns and others move forward? Why do some people do the same things expecting the same results?

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