About Kim

“My journey begins in a large Catholic Family of twelve children in Detroit, Michigan. I have seven brothers and four sisters. I raised three sons who have given me eight wonderful grandchildren. I currently live in the foothills of the north Georgia Mountains; needles to say, my life is blessed.

My passion for life coaching began over ten years ago.  I have worked with married couples that find themselves stuck in their relationship and need practical guidance to see where their relationship growth is inhibited. My life coaching experience also includes assisting individuals going through a divorce, or career change to set new goals for their future.

Today people just need a little extra encouragement and guidance to move to the next step in life.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, I incorporate private life coaching sessions with a personal painting at my client’s request. I am humbled and in awe that God uses me as his servant to be an instrument of healing for his children.

Most of my client’s sessions are conducted on the phone in one-hour segments.