"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."

-Dalai Lama-


Kim Layton

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Accredited Life Coach, Prophetic Artist

Kim is completing her B.S. in Social Sciences, psychology, and life coaching at Liberty University in fall of 2017. She assists her clients in setting personal, relational ,and professional life goals. “Wellness is an all encompassing total mindset for body, soul, and spirit”,  Kim says. She is not your average life coach. Each client has specific goals. A thorough assessment for each client determines the client's specific needs for change. The client intake form is private and very confidential between Kim and her client .Everyone is busy therefore some coaching  work is accomplished through phone appointments.  Kim’s expertise includes relationship coaching, marriage and divorce coaching, career coaching, and health coaching. Kim incorporates her artistic prophetic gift in some sessions releasing unconscious blocks holding her clients back from achieving their goals. This is an artistic therapeutic approach. Her education and experience have garnered her expertise to help clients (individuals or couples) work on personal, professional, and relational hindrances. We are co-creators with God who empowers us through his Holy Spirit .There is no obstacle or hindrance preventing a person for total wellness in mind, body or spirit; other than the awareness of the obstacle .This is where Kim comes to the assistance of her clients, assisting in goal setting and actions steps. With God all things are possible as his spirit empowers us to make changes for the betterment of our lives.

Why Painting and Art Workshops?

Kim’s clients come to her for different reasons.  Kim teaches techniques to release the blocked emotions through an undiscovered artistic expression.  Some simply want to explore their hidden talent.  Others want to try something new or offer a unique ambiance for their special events. Then, there are those who are searching for more. They are seeking the right path for their lives in hopes of finding a true sense of fulfillment.

Kim’s ethereal and prophetic techniques transcend that of traditional artists.  Her intuitive art workshops do more than just build the skills and confidence of her clients. The spiritual paintings they construct instill a sense of purpose, empowering them to move ahead in their journey.

Whatever the reason, Kim Layton’s clients walk away with a renewed perception of their lives and a fresh talent to fill it.  They are frequently appalled at their own ability and self-empowerment to bring an ethereal, deeply personal work of art to life.

She offers her intuitive art workshops for individuals or group settings using her prophetic gift in her sessions.

Kim Layton offers her intuitive spirit art workshops, featuring both technique and meditations, for a variety of events and occasions.



Art Workshops

Kim Layton’s intuitive spirit art workshops include visual art techniques that will assist you in discovering your own talent for creating ethereal pieces with a personal meaning.  Kim uses her intuitive gift in the prophetic to discover the path to your life's journey.

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Weekend Healing Retreats

Sometimes, it’s important to escape the relentless demands of our daily lives.  That’s why Kim also offers weekend retreats.  Weekend retreats include extended sessions of her signature spiritual life coaching and intuitive art workshops.  They are further enhanced by massages, yoga, and meditation.  Please note, weekend retreats must be booked at least two months in advance.

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Parties and Events

Kim Layton specializes in parties and knows how to ensure her sessions are as much fun as they are rewarding.  Add a touch of ethereal ambiance to your next party or event with Kim’s intuitive art workshops for birthday parties and special occasions.

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3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Kim,
    I would love to speak with you if I can! I found you on the internet somehow and believe we have a lot in common with our art! I just recently started painting and it came out of nowhere….at the age of 60 😲
    Hope to hear from soon!
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Jennifer I teach this in workshops. I currently have several scheduled workshops. If your interested I also do this via Skype. Not sure where you are on the painting journey and what you want to accomplish 🙂 Thanks for reaching out.

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